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    夏令营第一天 7 月 9 日


    well, I was excited for joining this summer camp. I woke up pretty early, cuse I wake up at 10 or 11 since summer break started. I took underground for 40 mins to get to the HanZhong Rd. to join in the camp.

    It was a surprise to me that I am the oldest one in all of the campers. Another surprise is one of the Miss. Lis is a teacher in Shanghai High School and my junior high is part of this High School.

    It too us almost three hours to get to WuXi, then we’ve entered an hotel to get in different rooms.

    After lunch. We went to a training camp to meet all of the teachers and other campers, after that we had an opening ceremony, and the teacher put us in two groups. Both groups had a very good name, one is called team little bear and the other is team X-man (my group). Luckily, I became the team X man’s leader.

    In the evening. We had very nice dinner, and I had a very nice chat with our team’s teacher Mr. Noelan.

    We had a camp fire (which was making me coughing), we sang songs and danced together (well not very good though…).

    Finally, everyone was happy and exhausted, we all went back to the hotel. While on the car, we told many jokes.

    Today is just the first day, we still have another seven days of fun, since the first day is already so fun. I can believe that it will be more and more exciting.



    Today we go to Wuxi. Its so good. Its so fun. I know loot of new friends. And I see my old fiends Wen Shi Zhi and A Xi. After noon, we climb down the montune, we have a summer camp opening ceremony. Evening, we have a camp fire eve. So Im so happy.


    Yang Yang:

    Today I go to Wu Xi, when I am in the bus, I think it is not fun at Wu Xi but when I am in Wu Xi, I think it is fun, I am happy. Because I am throwing the wood into the fire and that is very fun, and the X-man dance is very cool and fun



    today I come to wuxi. First we go to our room then we eat luch. After that we go to a mountain. At there, I falled but I still am very happy. Then I had a bath and come here 17:45. Then I sleeped.


    王智骏Joe: I am very very happy…



    Dear diary

    Today was a really great day and wonderful for me.lt was sad to leave my parents but it is so fun to come to a great summer camp. Even if l left my dad, have my phone to contact him every time. l was quite sad but also excited about the 8 days .My dear friend ,l am glad that l brought you will tell you everything that l will do in this massive summer camp.

    After the three hours bus from shanghai to Wuxi ,we rested for a couple of minutes .A tasty lunch was waiting for us ,it was delicious. TO refresh myself l played some exciting games on my I POD TOUCH till 2 o’clock. We went by bus to Muwan fruit park and then we were divided into 2 groups and my team's name is success bear. Our teams song is' 2 little ants' .

    At 6 o’clock we ate dinner and we drank soup. After dinner we celebrated the opening of the summer camp around the fire, we were singing and dancing. We also played around the fire throwing wood sticks into the pot to make it stronger.

    After 1 hour of playing, we went back to the hotel rested for 10 minutes and started to tell you what happened today and my feelings. I am really proud of today; it was amazing wish that the following days would be better than today and set my soul alight.

    Enough for today bye bye!!



    today I very happy because I hare to join in a summer camp. I get up at five o’clock. Then I wash face, brush teeth and I eat some breakfast and I go to the summer camp. My friend and Igo to the Wu Xi, than, we go to the camp place. And I play. Today I am very happy, but I am very tired. And I am very happy to make many friends.



    Today I’m happy and sad. Because I learn many things. But when I have dinner, I see three big and fat dogs. I am very scared. I’m shouting and crying. But I know I am a boy, so I stop trying. I make many friends. I play with fire and dance. I eat fish in the noon and eat vegetables in the evening. I play swings in the garden. When I was on the bus to go home, I’m very tired. But I must have an English lesson. So I can’t sleep. But I think I can learn many things in the English lesson. I like this summer camp. I like today.



    today we came to WuXi. This is my second time came to this summer camp. I was not very happy at home in this morning, because my mantis dead this morning. But I played very happy. We fired many woods made a camp fire. We put us two groups. I’m group 1. Our group called X-men. I was joying



    Today, we go to wuxi by bus. We have luch in a good restaurant, we make fire in the beach. We dancing, singing in there we eat very good lunch. We in wuxi are very very happy. Today, we have many good friend; Tom, Peter… we very happy today, I be frond of tomorrow.

    Today, we go to Wuxi by bus, we have lunch in a good restaurant, I get up in six o’clock. We have two new friend: Peter and Tom. In Wuxi, I am very happy, in evening I am very tired but I am happy, I am fond of tomorrow.



    Today was July the ninth. It was the first day of the CTVE summer camp. It was a busy and happy day. I went to Wuxi at 8:30 in the morning by bus. On the bus, I met about twenty campers. After about three hours, I arrived at Wuxi. I lived in a 4-star-hotel. After lunch. I had two hours to have a rest. Then went to a campfire. In the campfire my campers and I went singing and dancing. We enjoyed ourselves at that fire.






    Today is a great day.we had fun,l was happy.There are many brothers and sisters helped me.we talked.we burn fire.we put some wood into a box to keep the fire.we sing and dance beside the fire activity.then we went back to the hotel.we change our clothes and went to the room739 to have English class.Dorcas teach us how to write a diary.At last we went back to our rooms to sleep.



    Today was sunny and hot. I am now in Wuxi with other friends.

    we go to the hotel whilst wearing on the same t shirts and caps but different pants and shoes.We go to Mu wan farm and we were eating very delicious food.we put woods on the pan and took firewood for fire.

    we sing and dance.at last we go to the hotel.

    Today is a very goodday



    Today is the first day l join this summer camp. Everyone is very excited except for me because yesterday l catch cold. So l feel not so good today. But after l drank pills l felt better

    At the hotel we ate yummy lunch ,then we had to rest until 2 o’clock ,then we divided into 2 teams .l belong to a group called the SUCCESS BEAR. We ate dinner there at 6 o’clock then we went to KTV,but there are only few people who wanted to sing because we were tired.

    We played and dance around the burning woods, we then came to the hotel. My roommate is very friendly and funny then washed my shirt first time. That was so hard and difficult for me. Finally l realized how it is difficult to wash our clothes by ourselves.

    We then started English class l wrote this diary in the English lesson. Today is the first day in this adventure. It’s also the most wonderful day in this month



    Today is 2011.07.09.lt is the first day in the summer camp CTVE.The weather is sunny and hot.

    We waited for the bus and say goodbye to our parents and then we went to WUXI. After we ate dinner we went to our rooms and have rest.

    We sleep at 9:30.Today l am happy



    Today we went to summer camp.lt took 3 hours to get to WUXI. After arriving in Wuxi, we went to the middle of a mountain. First we formed a circle .Then we told everyone what was our names, our favorites hobbies and even our pos. After that, we ate dinner. When we finish our dinner we went to a karaoke. I and my friends were singing songs and we walked around the beach.

    We noticed a little shop our friend RAN bought 2 sprites .After that we saw a guy lighting a fire .The fire was for us. People danced around the fire, while throwing sticks to keep the fire burning.

    When we were going back to the hotel, my friend let me play with his l pod touch while others were telling jokes up the front .Finally we went back to the hotel.



    I go to the CTVE summer camp. My mom was happy and half sad. I am in the same room with DORCAS.GOOD!!!!!!!!!!.But my telephone has a problem .Oh sad! But lunch is very good. i hope the breakfast will be great too.

    l like the first day in the CTVE summer camp. It’s a good time for me. We had fun together, we sing the songs and we play with fire, but l was afraid of the fire at the beginning.lts fun!!! Good! I like it.

    Today out was sunny but this night it’s raining .l make a friend and his name is WANG BOEN.An we had a great time. Today was wonderful and l like it



    I have a happy day today. ln the morning l went to Wuxi by bus. On the bus l saw many new friends .We talk with each other .then we went to the hotel, and then we went to a place Mu-wan. We talk different stories. And then we went to a place we ate lunch .After lunch we sing and play. When it was dark we burn the fire, we put woods in the box to make the fire and keep it burning .we dance and sing beside the fire, we went back to the hotel

    we changed our clothes and we went to room 739 to do our Enlgish lesson by teacher Dorcas .At last we went to bed in our rooms and we slept




    Today was a very happiest day of my life. I was going for summer camp. We had fun. In the morning l saw many students who were going for summer camp. We depart from CTVE at 8.30am .And we arrive Wuxi at 1130am.We had lunch and the food was delicious .After we took a nap and refresh ourselves

    We went to Muwan yard. And we grouped in to two teams. And we did so many activities such as puzzle game and so on and we were in groups and my group name is success bear.

    We ate dinner and we went back to the hotel. Today l had a good day



    Today, l went to Wuxi for an 8 day summer camp. l boarded the bus and said goodbye to my mother. Then l started my summer camp.

    Wow! The scenery in Wuxi is magnificent and the people are all friendly, the food especially is delicious. The TAI LAKE is wonderful. l am very happy.

    We were playing in the 'Muwan yard'. We saw the whole scenery of Tai lake. The fisherman is catching fish in the lake .The girls were picking lotus.

    We played a lot of games on the bund of Tai lake. We were singing, dancing, jumping and so on. At the end of the day, we held a fire party at once. We played with the fire, we sing a lot of songs and dance a Canadian dance.lt was so funny.

    l also read a passage about the man who lived in a desert island and a very humorous joke about what happened at the airport.

    When l was back at the hotel l was very tired. l took a nap on the bus ,but l was happy.

    It was a nice day in my life.


    夏令营第二天 7 月 10 日

    This morning l woke up at 5:17am. Although l got up early, my roommate JOY also got up late. I end up late as him too. After we ate breakfast, we went to Muwan and started an adventure training in the summer camp. We did competition between 2 teams. We played games about numbers and balancing.
    We then ate lunch, l liked the soup most because it was yummy. After lunch we continued the training. We used news papers and Hula hoop to play the games. At last, we were blind, we needed to use some action to find three balloons with the help of wise teacher, we won the game!!!!.
    In the adventure training, some won and some lose, from that l learn that l should be organized and that we need to help each other and being friendly
    I think l will never forget the amazing day.


    Last night I didn’t sleep really well. Got up twice. At seven o’clock I got up. After some washing and dressing I went to the restaurant for breakfast, it was really good
    At nine we went on the bus to go to the training camp, about an hour later, we arrived at the camp.
    We met a new teacher from Hong Kong, called Mr. Zhou. The first activity was quite hard; we put our hands together, left arm over right arm. It was very difficult to get us facing the circle and not crossing arms, but miss Li found out the way to d this.
    Next we made our team flag, there was a skull on it and all of our signatures.
    Then the lunch and the activities in the afternoon we a lot of fun.
    We did won a lot but we still lost a lot.
    All of the activities taught us the team cooperation is really important to us. I hope tomorrows CS will be more fun.

    Today, we go to Wuxi by bus. We have lunch in a good restaurant; we make fire in the beach. We dancing, singing in there we eat very good lunch. We in Wuxi are very very happy. Today, we have many good friend; Tom, Peter… we very happy today, I be frond of tomorrow.
    Today, we go to wuxi by bus, we have luch in a good restaurant, I get up in six o’clock. We have two new friend: Peter and Tom. In wuxi, I am very happy, in evening I am very tired but I am happy, I be fond of tomorrow.
    Today we get up at 7 am, my breakfast was good. We had training in wuxi and we played many gmaes. Our team is X-man. We drew a skull in on our flag. We make a tread, but we loose. Today, we are very tired but we are very happy.


    Today was July the Tenth. I got up at 8 in the morning. Then I washed my face and brushed my teeth. Next I had my breakfast. The breakfast today was very tasty. At about 9 I went to the camp. After about one hour we arrived at the training camp. The first part was hand cross and hands by hands, it was very difficult, but it was really interesting. After that I had a lot of game, such as, made the flag, shout out numbers, make newspaper tread and so on. Today was filled with a lot of fun games. I was really busy and happy.

    Today is Saturday. We went back to the Moan yard, we played a lot of games and it was very interesting. l was very happy. l liked the balancing ball game . We ate lunch and do more games. We went back to the hotel and we ate dinner. lt was a great day.

    Dear diary
    Today was really busy, we did many things today, it was a really an exhausting day. Today we did many activities, first we warmed up with the first activity where we needed to say numbers from 1 to 10 one by one. We won two rounds and lost three rounds. The second activity was kind of a challenge of the teacher. We had to move in a special way in a circle without breaking the circle. It was a big challenge for us.
    After that we also do some activities, some of them we lost. l think? they are good and organized, but sometimes we were in the moon l think we could better. We have to trust our friends and never give up.
    Nothing is impossible. Today we were all tired but our teachers were more than us, l went to say thanks for taking care of us.

    Today l was very happy and tired too. We played many games. ln the morning we played games. ln the noon ,we had lunch. After that , we took a short nap. In the evening, we played many interesting games too. My best game is the balloon game. And we ate dinner, we then get back to our hotel.
    So today l was very happy.

    Today is the tenth of july.lts a rainy day.lt rained in Wuxi but sunny in the morning. We went to the Wuxi garden and we play more games and play with balloons.
    In this game can’t speak and see. And we play number game, ball games and newspaper game. At last we go to the hotel
    Today is a happy day

    Today, we played some games in Muwan yard. We played balloon, circle, titanic and so on games. They are difficult.
    Balloon game is a difficult one .You must go around in a circle whilst the balloon is on your belly and you don’t have to touch it with your hands or explode it. Luckily we won.
    Circle game is very easy. We should go around and don’t take a round break. We won again.
    Titanic is the easiest game .It’s about a pipe and tennis ball. You should build the pipe and then put the tennis to roll in the box.
    Then make sure the balls don’t fall down. We win.
    What a wonderful day

    Today l’m was a team leader. l think the breakfast was good. l ate cake, watermelon, rice dumplings and milk. ’GOOD.’
    Today we went to the Muwan fruit park. We play many interesting games. The circle, huge free. That’s interesting
    Afternoon, we? play more interesting games, ablind game and hula hoop. l watch the clothes and they are clean. l was happy and l like the day.

    Today is the second day of summer camp .it was raining and hot too. After we ate breakfast ,we go to Muwan yard and we play games? ;we blow the balloon sing songs and so on.
    We were happy today

    Today we ate at four star breakfast. l ate lots of ham, fried rice, buns and milk .We then went back to the yard .A guy from Hong-Kong came and taught us games .First we played a number game .We had to count from 1 to 12 using to fast way ,l played with my friends. When it was time, we played roll the tennis ball game, hoops game and balloon game. After we finished we went back to the hotel

    Today was the busiest day in my life. Today l am really tired but l am happy. l went back to Muwan yard. l saw a new teacher. He taught us games as we were in our groups. Everyone has his or her number. So we say out the numbers quickly to see which group wins. But l like the game we at as blind people and walk to find three balloons and our group was faster. So we won. We went back to the hotel and change our clothes and we ate dinner.
    Dinner was very yummy!l ate three bowls of rice. l finish dinner and wash my body and play, then l went to the English class. At last l wash my clothes and go to bed

    Today, I am so happy. But I am so tired too. Today we go to summer camp base. We play lot of games. So I’m so happy.

    Today I go to the park, we eat the breakfast and then we are in the bus to go to the park. We go to camp circle when we are there. We also made the flag, the team name is x-man. The first game is numbers 1-12 at we lose, I am very angry because we loosed too easy and I want to kill them. I need to do better next time or I will use a tank to kill them or use a gun to kill them because I am too angry

    First we had breakfast, next we go to the camp. Third two groups make flag. Then we say numbers 1-12. After that we had lunch, but it rained after lunch. We had noon break and it’s raining. Then we had the newspaper made into a tread. Then we pass the hula-hoop. After we pass the tennis ball. Then we use balloon go in circles. Last we go blind and find three balloons. Then we come back to the hotel. Then we came here (745) then I went back to me room, then I sleep.

    Today I went to the park with my friends. We are very happy. We make a flg. We are draw a skull and mosquitos. We can play. We can play balloon. We can play car. I’m very happy.

    Today I first eat breakfast and I feel it is very good. Then we go to camp. Then we flag. Then we play numbers 1-12 game. I think it is very interesting. Then we eat lunch. This time outside is raining, and someone is shouting so we are not happy. Then rain is top. Then we play many other games such as news paper tread games, hula-hoop games, tennis ball pass game, balloon game, blind fold game. Today I am very happy but I broke my leg.

    Today is Saturday. I get up at half past six in the morning. I eat breakfast at seven o’clock. I think this breakfast is nice. After breakfast we go to the park. Then we make a circle to play games. After games we make a flag. I like this flag. Then we count number one to twelve. We have lunch at twelve o’clock. I think this lunch is very bad. Because there are many flies in the restaurant. Then we have a break. Then we have many games. The first game is use newspaper to make a tread. Then we use it to go round. And we and another people have a race. But our group is losing. I am very sad. But I think win isn’t important. Si smile again. The second game is hula-hoop. Our group is winner. We are very happy. The third game is tennis ball pass.? We are losing so we are sad. The fourth game is pass balloon using belly. The firth game is like a blind man to find a balloon. Our group is lose, but I think happiness is the first. Today is a nice day.

    We ate breakfast. We went to camp and made circles. We made our own flag. Then we count number 1-12.

    夏令营第三天 7 月 11 日

    Dear mom and dad
    How are you? l am fine . l am very happy today . l help my friends to win the gun game. The dinner was great and l eat a lot of food. After dinner ,l had a nice hot shower.
    Today was rainy and? was very wet but my heart wasn’t wet. My friends are all warm – hearted and they help me.
    Yours Assia.

    Dear mum and dad
    First of all ,l would like to say thank you for letting me come to summer camp.How are you? Are ou all healthy? How’s Flora doing? Is she full of energy? Tell her l’m great and l miss all of you. I really like this place and we eat well,play well and ofcourse sleepwell. I love the adventure training. Everything is so funnyand at the same time educational
    I’ve learned many things about trust ,organisation and courage. For me these three are important to me. Today l really liked the CS battle ,even if we lost one round but we are still proud of ourselves. I met great friends here and we watch football matchs at night without sleeping with 7 friends in a room, it is funny. I gald you listen to me.
    Have a great week

    Dear mum and dad
    l’m very happy to write this letter to you. How are you? l hope you are fine. Here l am fine.l wrote this letter to tell you what l was doing today.
    Today was wonderful. ln the morning,? l went for swimming with my friends and teachers. We? had lunch. ln the afteroon, we played a very interesting game- shooting game. We went back? to the hotel. We took a nap and refresh ourselves. We then eat dinner in the restaurant called XIDUODUO. After that , we went back to the hotel and do our English lesson .
    Today l’m very happy.
    Yours Danny

    Dear mum and dad
    How are you? l am fine don’t worry.
    I was happy today. We played games and l went for swimming.
    We ate lunch it was delicious.we played CS,l like the game.
    We then went to the hotel we ate dinner.
    I was happy

    Dear mom and dad
    How are you? l’m fine. l’m very happy here in the summer camp. You know what? Today we had a gun forest fight and we won the game.
    At first ,l went to the house to fight with others, then l realised they want to beat me so l went behind the tree. Then l shouted “nine”!. Everyone went with me to the tree.
    But…unluckly,they saw us and they shouted “they are here” “they are here” l went into the house. l took about 500 arrows to beat them. They don’t beat us at all.we won.
    l hope you are happy as me.

    Love Dino

    Dear mum and dad
    Hello! This is Peter. l am now in a summer camp with CTVE. I am doing fine and l hope you are fine too. l miss you. How are you? There are too many things l want to tell you which happened today.
    This morning, l got up at 8.30am, then ate delicious food. From 12 o’clock, me and my friends went for swimming and after that we ate lunch, the food was yummy and the meat was red. We then started the CS game that we use the gun to shoot against enemies. After 2 games we had a tie.
    What an interesting game. We had so much today but l will tell you more when l see you
    Yours Peter

    Dear mom and dad.
    Hello! l’m good here. l like it .Today we go to swim in the morning. Oh l’m very tired. l like swimming because it’s very interesting .l swim with my friends Wangsishi, a good girl. We played CS with Nolean , He is strong. The lunch is good.
    MOM , we play very well , so don’t worry about me. l love summer camp. l can make friends .
    Yours Roseanna

    Dear mum and dad
    Hello ,how are you? I hope you are fine. We went for swimming. Don’t worry about me, I am fine. We ate lunch and it was good. We played CS it was interesting. I like it very much. We ate dinner and we did our English lesson
    I am so happy
    Yours truly,

    Dear mum and dad
    Today we went for swimming.Some people didn’t want to swim ,so they stayed in the bus.Clement,ran,the other guy and l are a team.we attacked each other by using our heads and climbing on each others heads.l kept on pulling other kids trunks. At first l used Clements back and he used me as a cannon.we then get bored by playing the game and we played another one.
    l was on the other guys back while Clement was on Ran’s. We had to try and hit each other off the surf board.When we finished that game ,we went to the beach again .We played the CS shooting game.We lost the first game and won the second.Clement died in few minutes for both of the games.One game ,l was invisible.two people kept on shooting me but it was useless.
    Finally ,the referee shut down the gun,l thought it wasn’t fair.The other game me and my friend sneaked to the forest but still died

    Yours Sung-Wai

    Dear mom and dad.
    I ?am glad to write this letter to you. How are you? Here l am fine. I’m writing this letter to you telling you what l was doing in the summer camp.
    Today l went for swimming in the morning .After swimming l ate lunch and we go to play CS. But my gun is broken. So l watch them. I did not join but l was watching the competition. It is really exciting. The first round, our group lost but we won the second game so we had a tie.
    We went back to the hotel and we wash our bodies and went to a restaurant to have dinner. The restaurant’s name is? Xiduoduo. It’s so wonderful. I ate different kinds of food and l went back to the hotel. l take a rest .We then went to the English class and then l went back to my room to sleep.
    Yours Sunny

    夏令营第四天 7 月 12 日

    I have a nice day today .in the morning we went to Lin Shan temple. Inside of it is very interesting. We saw a large Buddha .i pray to him think my wish will come true. i feed the birds and watch a performance ,its really exciting. i like the performance . Then we ate the lunch and l went back to the hotel, l took a rest then l go shopping. I bought some gifts for my parents and some food for myself. Finished shopping, we ate dinner .the restaurant was the same as yesterday. We went back to the hotel and have our lesson and then at last back to my room and go to bed
    Today we went to visit temple and we supposed to see the performance but because we went to see one the temple. We got inside and we watch short movie of Buddha, then we thought the others were upstairs so me and clement and the other guy went upstairs and then we got lost. Clement call the leader but the other guy noticed her with the other students and we went back down to the group. The teacher then give us free time, so l went to feed the geese. It was fun and then we went for lunch
    Dear diary
    Today would be the third story that l will tell you. This morning, I was watching the final match of the football world cup, Spain against Holland and my favorite team is Spain. It was fantastic! ?Imesta made a goal when there was only 116 minutes when the match was finished. I was so happy,full of joy but after l was really tired because l slept only for 2 hours. We went to Lingshan temple and we saw a huge statue of Buddha and we visited the first hand of Buddha and we saw a show about it.
    In the afternoon, I chose to stay in the hotel because l was very tired and l then go for shopping at 6 o’clock until 7 o’clock. I bought 4 huge bottles of ice tea and special food of my wish for my family. For dinner, we ate at the same restaurant like yesterday. Today we didn’t have activities but it’s still really fun.
    I’m very happy today. It was raining the whole day. In the morning, we went to Ling san temple and we saw buddhas hands and feet. They are very big. After that, we went to the restaurant to eat lunch. In the afternoon, l get back to the hotel because l was very tired. In the evening, we went to Xiduoduo to eat dinner. at last , l went to bed. Today l feel tired but happy.
    Today is the 12th of July. We went to Ling shan. We touch the big hand and feet of Buddha. In the afternoon, we went to the hotel and l took a bath. In the evening l wash my clothes. It’s a very nice day and l like it. I also go for shopping and l bought to button of meat for my parents. I’m happy.
    Dear diary
    I am very happy in the summer camp . it is a rainy day and we went to Lingshan, a beautiful place. When I saw the Buddha of lin shan , I said “what a magnificent Buddha”
    The temple of Lin shan is very quite there is nothing to smile at and no noise like it very much. There are also performances and it’s very exciting. We then go to Tai lake, there is a place called Turtle head of Peninsula spot. We could see the whole scenery of Tai lake! I feel so happy and the lake is beautiful. l also saw the statue of Laozi. He is the great person of ancient China.
    Wuxi is a beautiful city and l love it
    Today is the fourth day of the summer camp. From 2 o’clock in the morning l was watching the world cup match. The final score was 1:0.Spain won and l was excited. I then slept till 8 o’clock . I then eat breakfast and me my teammates visited the temple. We saw a show in this temple. We then eat lunch in a restaurant beside the temple. The egg was yummy than l thought. After lunch we went back into the hotel and then from 6 o’clock to 7 o’clock we went to carrefour for shopping and l bought 2 bottles of drinks and 2 boxes of food. The food was for my mother and l missed her and l sent a letter which l wrote her yesterday
    Today l play very well. In the morning, we go to Lingshani Dafo and play. We saw the hand of Dafo. It’s very big. It was rainy today. We all took the umbrella.
    In the afternoon we stay in the hotel and l play with my friends. I like Assia she is a nice girl. I love today


    Today, I wake up the last because on friend don’t let me sleep so I wake up the last. After waking up, me my friend and the English teacher go to 2nd floor to eat breakfast. After eating breakfast we get to the bus to go to a place. We see a show. After the seeing, we go shopping. At last we have an English class. Before I want to see the world cup, but maybe no on wake me up so I didn’t see the world cup, when I am is the big bus, I asked someone for which football team wined, he stayed is 0 and 1, I am not angry because I don’t like world cup but I still want to see the world cup because I want to see which team win.


    Today we first wake up. Then we go to level 2 to eat breakfast. After that, we eat lunch. Then we go to lingshan temple. Then someone go back to the hotel someone go riding boat. Then we go shopping but I did not shop because I did not have money, my money is in the hotel. Then we go to Xidao duo restaurant to eat dinner. After that, we come back to the hotel. Then I come to Noelan’s room to have an English class to write this. Then we go back to our room and pack up because tomorrow we are going back to Shanghai. Then we sleep.

    Joe: Today I went to the Lingshan Temple with my friends. Lingshan temple is very very big.


    Today I get up at two o’clock because I want to watch world cup final. Spain wines, I am very happy. Then I wash my face, brush my teeth. Then I eat breakfast at seven o’clock. Then in the morning I go to the linshang temple. It is very big and big. I am very happy. And Buddha are very big too. Then we eat lunch at one o’clock. Then we go to the boat ride. It is very cool. Then we go to the supermarket and buy some fruit, I buy so much! Then we eat dinner, at six o’clock. Then we have an English class, we are very happy today, but we are very tired.


    Today I get up at half past six in the morning. Then I eat breakfast in the restaurant. I eat much food and a cup of coffee. Next we take a bus to lingshan temple. We see many Buddhas. They are so cool. Then we go to a restaurant to have lunch. After lunch, some people go to hotel. But me and some people go to have a boat ride. Then we go shopping. I by some crisps. After we have dinner, we have an English lesson.

    Joy: Today we went to see refell. We went there shopping. I bought many things, oh yeah!


    Today is the last day in Wuxi, it is a good news and a bad news. The good news is that I will be closer to my home, the bad is that we are going to leave this beautiful place. In the late night I was watching the world cup finals Netherlands VS Spain, in the end, Spain 1:0 Netherlands, the game was really good thought neither team scored a lot. In the morning we went to lingshan to visit a Buddhist palace, the drink in there was very expensive. We had lunch at 2 in the afternoon I went back to hotel pretty late, then we went shopping. This is the 4th day of the summer camp.


    Today, I get up at eight o’clock. I eat many breakfast, eggs, breads, and noodles. We visit the lingshan temple. There are many Buddha’s? in there. Afternoon, we go shopping, we buy many things: waters, foods and vegetable. We eat dinner at half past seven. We are very happy. I am very happy today.


    Today was July the twelfth. It was the last day at wuxi. I think today was very boring because there was only two games today. After breakfast we met in Lingshan Temple. I think it was very boring. We went shopping in the afternoon before dinner. But I lost my money in the hotel so I had not joined in. That is all.

    夏令营第五天 7 月 13 日

    Dear diary
    Today I feel so tired. we had moved from Wuxi to oriental land villa in Shanghai. I bought 4 bottles of ice tea ( 2litres each) and put them in my bagpack and luggage. I didn’t sleepwell so I was exhausted. We arrived at the oriental land and we ate lunch .we then go to the villa and l was with Sung wai. We had taken a break and went to the aircraft carrier, it was really far away from the villa and after that l could my feet, they were really painful.
    After that we went to the swimming pool and again a long fine of walking. I would say today l felt so tired.
    Today I was very happy. It was raining.? In the morning we went to Shanghai oriental green boat. We arrive there at about 12am.After that ,we? went to the restaurant and eat lunch. In the afternoon, we went to the swimming pool to swim. The water was very cool. And then, we get back to the hotel to have a rest. In the evening, we went to Ludu to eat the dinner. I think we are going to be happy in shanghai
    Today we go to the oriental land in Shanghai. We go to swim. In the afternoon, my leg was in pain but I am ok now. In the evening teacher gave a fan and it’s beautiful. I like it. Today we are busy but I am happy. I like it
    Dear diary
    Today , I went back to Shanghai.? Wuxi is about two and a half hours away? from Shanghai. I went to Oriental land in a hotel called the oriental green boat. It’s a good place and it is far away from crowd in the city.
    I swim today and l feel cold yet satisfied , I think its cool! I swim for 30 minutes only. I love sports especially swimming I was full of energy when l came out of the swimming pool.
    I love the day
    Today is the fifth day in the summer camp. This morning I went back to Shanghai. We ate delicious food when we arrived Shanghai. We went to the oriental land. We went for swimming and l like swimming a lot. At 6:45 we ate dinner and it was yummy. I liked noodles best. I am happy l came back to shanghai.
    Today l feel great. In the morning I got up at 7 o’clock. I ate breakfast and went back to my room. I watched T.V and it’s very interesting. We went to the Oriental land. it is raining today. Oh my god, there was heavy rainy today. We eat, eat and eat. The food is very delicious. I like it very much.
    I slept oh I was very tired. Ok today I am very great.
    Dear mum and dad
    Hello, how are you? I hope you are fine. We went for swimming. Don’t worry about me, I am fine. we ate lunch and it was good. We played CS it was interesting. I like it very much. We ate dinner and we did our English lesson
    I am so happy
    Today we left Wuxi. We went back to Shanghai to a place called oriental land. When we moved to the hotel, we went to our rooms. Unpack our things and went to a big battle ship. On the way we saw some battle equipment. We went into the base of the ship. We saw tanks on the first on the first floor on the ship. Then we skipped the second floor onto the deck there was battle planes, they were old and wrecked. It then started to rain and went downstairs and it stopped raining I think the day was weird.
    We then went for swimming and we went back to the hotel
    I like today. In the morning, I went back to Shanghai by bus then l ate lunch. We then went to the oriental green boat and we took a rest. We then went out to see some aero planes cars. There are really great. I am a girl but l like it. I then went to rest and we ate dinner.
    When we finish dinner l went back to the hotel, and then finally to the English lesson. I then washed my clothes and go to bed
    Today, I go back to shanghai. I wake up at 7 or 8. I think I am the first one wake up or I am not the first one wake, maybe is my first wake up or maybe it’s the English teacher wake up the first. After my waking up I go to eat the yummy breakfast, my friend last time just eat two or three egg, I just eat one egg, the egg is very yummy!!! After eating the yummy breakfast, we get to the bus to go back to shanghai, I want to stay at Wuxi because there is a very fun, so I want to stay there.
    Today we first go up. Then we go to level 2 to eat breakfast, afar that, we came back to shanghai. Then we eat lunch. Then we came to the hotel Oriental land villa. Then we go to the Oriental Air craft. Then we go swimming. Then we out dinner. Then we come back to the hotel. Then we came to noelans room to have an English class. Then we go to our room to sleep.
    Today is cloudy and sunny. We come back to Shanghai and check in to the Oriental Land Villa. Afternoon we visit the Oriental Air Craft Carrier Museum and go swimming. I’m Very Happy.
    Today I get up at seven o’clock. Then I brush my teeth, wash face. Then we eat breakfast at eight o’clock in Wuxi. Then we bye bye Wuxi, we come back to shanghai from wuxi, at nine o clock to eleven o clock. Then we eat lunch at twelve o’clock. Then we go to the oriental land villa, then we go to the oriental land and visit air craft carrier, then we go to the swimming pool swimming at three o’clock. Then we go to the restaurant and eat dinner at seven o’clock. Then we have an English class in the teacher’s room at eight o’clock. Then we sleep at nine o’clock, I am very happy, but I am very tired because I swim in the swimming pool.
    Today we take bus to go to Oriental Land Green Park. After noon, we go to swimming.
    Today I get up at six fifty in the morning. Then I eat breakfast. I eat much food. After breakfast we take a bus to go to shanghai from Wuxi. Then we go to a restaurant to have lunch. The lunch is very nice. After lunch we are check in to the oriental land villa. Our room is big and clean. Then we go to the oriental air craft corner museum. And we go to swim. Then we have dinner. Then I have a class. Then I sleep.
    Today we left Wuxi and came to qingpu in Shanghai, we had lunch and checked in the oriental land villa. In the afternoon visited the aircraft carrier, we saw many modern tanks and AA guns, we also saw many old jest and planes. After visiting the aircraft carrier we went to have a swim, the weird thing is that the time we used waking there is even longer than the time we were swimming (lol). Today is exhausting, tomorrow we are going to the EXPO, it’s gonna be fun!
    Today we come back to Shanghai form Wuxi by bus. I get up at half past eight. We check the hotel at twelve o’clock. In three o’clock, I play chess today I am very very happy.

    We left for Wuxi at 9am in the morning. We started to go to shanghai. After about two and a half hours we arrived at Oriental Land Villa We visited the park and then I played chess with the teacher, it is very interesting.

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